It's not your average post-incarceration, self-help program

This one actually WORKS to set you on a path to success.

  • Same Course

    This is the same course we offer in prisons now in a new, easy to access format for you to get support with on the outside.

  • Discipleship & Growth

    The success of this course is due to it's unique and fundamental relational discipleship style for real gr

  • No Fluff. All Fundamentals.

    After a decade of use in prisons, these lessons have been refined to everything you need, and nothing you don't to get you on track quickly.

What We Do

We work with ex-offenders during and after incarceration to aid in their personal journey with God.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Gary Skinner

    Gary Skinner

    CEO & Author

    Gary has served as a pastor and associate pastor for over fifteen years. He began serving as the senior leader of Shiloh Chapel in January of 2011. Gary and his wife Susan have four children and twelve grandchildren. He is the president of Lessons for Life Ministries and author of three books; Plain Vanilla Wrapper, Hoosier Dad, and Lessons for Life.